Due Dates, 2017-2018

To remain academically eligible, you must meet the following deadlines. 
Task Due Date Description
Topic Proposal 10/27/2017 You must have submitted topic the proposal from your Senior Project Infinite Campus home page.
Project Plan 1/19/2018 You must have submitted the project plan from your Senior Project Infinite Campus home page.
Schedule Presentation 1/19/2018 You must have scheduled your presentation through your Senior Project Infinite Campus home page.
Project Completion 5/2/2018 The project and all it's work must be completed by this date.
Practice Presentation 5/9/2018 You must have scheduled and performed a practice presentation by this date.
Presentation Day 5/11/2018 This is the day you will be presenting your project to a panel of staff members.

Senior Project Rules

GENERAL RULE: Students may start the senior project as soon as the junior year begins.
GENERAL RULE: You must create or do something.
GENERAL RULE: This thing must be something used in a real world setting.
GENERAL RULE: Whatever you create or do, it must be of acceptable real-world quality.
GENERAL RULE: The product you create or the thing you do must incorporate learning you do on your own.
GENERAL RULE: Students must work at least ten hours on their project; therefore design a project that will take at least that much time.
GENERAL RULE: You must consult with someone who is an expert in some aspect of your project.
GENERAL RULE: It must fulfill the definition of a project: Something that is that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim
GENERAL RULE: Fundraisers may not be projects by themselves, but funds can be raised by complicated projects & events.
GENERAL RULE: While you may work with organizations for your project, all projects must have a component that is independent in design and execution. You must make significant decisions on your own.
GROUPS: Projects completed in groups may include no more than three students who all must be in the same graduating class.
MONEY & FUND RAISING: If you are doing ANY project that involves fund raising, you MUST file a form in the main office.  See Kathy Bracken.
MONEY & FUND RAISING: All money received by you for your senior project MUST be submitted to the athletic office within two business days.  The athletic office will then write a check to any organization to which you are donating funds.
MONEY & FUND RAISING: All expenses you incur as a result of doing your project must be paid by you.  If your project raises any funds, after you have turned those funds into the athletic office, you may be reimbursed from those funds by providing receipts to the athletic office.
MONEY & FUND RAISING: If any technical program provides you services (printing, for example), you must pay your bill before the items will be given to you. If you wish to be reimbursed from money that your project may earn, you may submit receipts to the athletic office after you have deposited your proceeds.
ELIGIBILITY & GRADING: You must meet the deadlines for form submissions, practice presentation, project completion and final presentation. Missing deadlines will result in failing the Senior Project for eligibility checks, mid-term progress reports of quarterly grading reports.
ELIGIBILITY & GRADING: In order to be eligible for Honors Distinction, in addition to meeting scoring criteria, all forms must be accepted and the student must be fully scheduled by March 1st of the year.
RESTRICTIONS: Projects may not collect any items through collection bins, boxes, cans, etc.
RESTRICTIONS: The following are not allowed as projects: Bottle drives, bake sales, blood drives, tie blankets.
RESTRICTIONS: Project may only raise funds in person; therefore, no funds may be raised from internet sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc.
PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS: Final presentations must be 10 - 30 minutes long. The 10 minute minimum must be done without ANY aid from the scoring panel, except to inform students that they have not met the time requirement.
PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS: If a student fails either the presentation or the project on presentation day, only a member of the original panel may resubmit a passing score.
PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS: Project scores may be appealed within one week of the scores being published.  Appeals are first made to the original panelists through direct contact in which the student identifies any deficiencies in the information given to the panelists that affected the score. Students then may submit more accurate information to allow the panelists to have a clearer picture of the project. Panelists then meet to discuss rescoring; scores can be adjusted if a majority of the panelists feel the new information warrants a change in the score.
BUILDING USE: If your project requires use of any SAD #17 building, you must fill out the required paper work and get approval from the building principal. Failure to do so will result in you having to re-do the project correctly. Additionally, use of the building on weekends will likely cost you money as overtime will need to be paid to district personnel.